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Sparta Weight Loss1. Share YOUR Dream

At your first appointment be prepared to discuss past challenges & share your dreams with our Doctor and Life-Coach. We'll also conduct a full medical workup to discover your current health baseline.

Weight Loss near Andover2. Start YOUR Program

After reviewing diagnostic lab reports with you, we'll discuss program options together and establish goals; We'll also continuously monitor your health and progress during your program.

Weight Loss in Sparta3. Reach YOUR Goals

As weight decreases, feelings of confidence and energy typically increase which is highly motivational! Once weight loss goals are met, new goals are established designed to resist old habits and maintain your new state of health.


The statistics now show that over a third of the population is obese, and middle aged adults are the highest group! This is an important and exciting juncture in your life, you have decided to finally do something about your weight and your health. Our program consists of several components which are defined depending on a patient's medical history, current state of health, established goals, personal input etc.

Our philosophy is that we want to start each patient on day-one with a medical doctor visit and also with one of our life-coaches that are very motivational and knowledgable about nutrition and exercise. The beginning of a new program is a time of short-term goals to lose weight and embrace new philosophies toward long term health choices to form better eating and exercising habits.

Once weight-loss goals are met, this is not only a time for celebration! but a pivot-point in program focus designed to support the transition into long-term life maintenance. Losing weight tends to be exciting because of the dramatic changes that occur over short periods of time ... but once weight loss goals are met it is easy for old habits that where once very comforting... to take hold again - and that is where true support and life skills take place to help ensure a healthy life style is maintained and less vulnerable to chronic conditions that require medical intervention and pharmaceutical dependencies.

So let's begin this new journey, together, where your body and mind will "Respond" and become "Able" once again!

Let's get your life back!!

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