If you have Medicare and have two or more chronic conditions (70% of seniors do), then you likely qualify for our Chronic Care Management Program which is now a covered expense through Medicare.

Statistical Data: NJ Dept of Health credits chronic diseases to be responsible for 70% of all deaths in the US – that’s 1.7M annually!


1. What exactly is this program?
The Senior Care Connection is a way to help you manage your chronic illnesses (things like COPD, diabetes, high blood pressure, cholesterol, congestive heart failure, etc.)
2. Why should I join this program?
On-going regular contact with a health care provider and a health education specialist is a better way to manage chronic health conditions, a better way to take care of you.
Medicare believes in this so much, that they cover the cost if you have two or more chronic illnesses, How great is that?
3. What’s in it for me?
• You’ll have a complete record of all your health issues, history and treatments, in one place.
• You’ll have 24/7 access by phone or email to your health care provider
• You won’t have to worry about calling the office to schedule an appointment, the office will call you when it’s time for you to come in.
• You’ll have your medications and health conditions explained to you in plain language, so you can understand them and make health decisions based on information you comprehend.
• You’ll likely avoid unnecessary trips to the hospital or to have lab work done because your health issues will be monitored more closely.
• You’ll be contacted by the office once a month just to find out how you’re doing.
• You’ll be able to have your family involved in working with you and your health care team to address your health issues in the best way possible for you.
4. How do I sign up for this?
To become part of our Senior Care Connection program, all you have to do is: Call 973-729-0016 to make an appointment. It’s that easy!