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Internal Medicine Services

Dr. Coyle specializes in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of adult diseases. She has extensive experience in this area and offers the finest medical care with a focus on patient education. Not only will she give you a full explanation of your condition, but she will also discuss the treatment options that suit you best and address all of your concerns.

Urgent Care / Immediate Care

Should you require urgent medical care, our team is fully equipped to handle emergencies and provide you with the attention and comfort that you deserve. You will be able to see the doctor if an urgent matter occurs and not be forced to go and wait in a hospital emergency room . Dr. Coyle will be able to advise you and coordinate your care with a highly trained specialist team.

Women's Health

Our practice and Dr Coyle especially with her vast experience in Ob-Gyn will be able to discuss and treat every problem that will be related to reproductive system and hormonal imbalances. Annual gynecological examination, pap smear, oral contraception, emergency contraception , breast examination and menopausal symptom management. Our practice will discuss hormonal replacement therapy and the role of bio identical hormone therapy.

Weight Management

Living with the stresses of every day life can contribute to one of many health problems, such as obesity. Our weight management program helps patients maintain their weight and feel better about their improved health, their increased energy levels, and their overall appearance. We will address the reason of failure of many diet regimens that you might have tried and focus on your body's nutritional needs to achieve the well being you are striving for.

Preventive Care/ Prophylaxis

We will design a program of preventive health care suited to your particular needs and risk factors. As part of our preventive care program, we offer screenings, blood testing, immunizations and guidelines for early signs and symptoms of disease.

Cardiovascular Testing

We perform cardiovascular testing in our office, from EKG, Holter monitor for irregular heart beat detection, Exercise Stress Test and Echocardiogram for detection of coronary artery disease ( clogged arteries of the heart ) , Aortic and Carotid Ultrasound for the early detection of Aneurysm and Stroke.

Integrative Wellness Care

Our belief is that the approach to long lasting health is to combine the best in conventional and complimentary therapies to promote wellness of the body, mind, heart and spirit.

It is our mission to integrate the best of all therapeutic modalities in a safe, effective and respectful manner, with the intent to nurture intrinsic healing and promote balance.

CDL Examinations

At Bridge Medical Center, we perform CDL and DOT physicals for Medical Examiner certificates. As of 5/21/14, all CDL drivers must have a valid Medical Examiners certification with them at all times. Beginning on this date, this exam can only be performed by a NRCME registered provider. These providers must have a proper medical license as well as have taken a rigorous course in performing these exams and passed a 120 question examination.

Here at Bridge Medical Center, we have NRCME Certified Examiners to Perform your CDL Physical. We offer same day appointments, all testing is on site. A qualified Doctor will perform your exam and if all standards are met, you can have your certificate very quickly.

This examination is a medical fitness for duty examination, and is not covered by your medical insurance. Call us for additional information about the examination fee and to schedule an appointment!

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