CDL Examinations

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At Bridge Medical Center, we perform CDL and DOT physicals for Medical Examiner certificates. As of 5/21/14, all CDL drivers must have a valid Medical Examiners certification with them at all times. Beginning on this date, this exam can only be performed by an NRCME-registered provider. These providers must have a proper medical license as well as have taken a rigorous course in performing these exams and passed a 120 question examination.


We have NRCME Certified Examiners to perform your CDL Physical. We offer same-day appointments, all testing is on-site. A qualified Doctor will perform your exam and if all standards are met, you can have your certificate very quickly.


This examination is a medical fitness for duty examination and is not covered by your medical insurance. Call us for additional information about the examination fee and to schedule an appointment!

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