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On-Site Allergy Diagnosis and Treatment

No ongoing high specialist copays!
No more expensive allergy meds!
Did you know?
  • *50 Million adults have allergic rhinitis
  • *40% of all children suffer from allergic rhinitis (we can treat children ages 2 years and older)
  • *Our Allergy program is covered by most insurance plans
  • *Testing only takes a few minutes, and treatment plans can continue from home

Perfect Days

Sparta Allergy DiagnosisGreat times with friends and family enjoying the outdoors - perfect days - except for the allergies! It's so hard to enjoy anything when your sneezing, wheezing, and rubbing itchy eyes!

Over Counter Allergy Medications

Allergy Diagnosis in Sparta"Over the Counter" allergy medication may offer temporary relief for some; However, they do have side effects and pharmaceutical ingredients that may not make them the best choice for everyone.
Our treatment contain no chemicals or harmful ingredients!


Andover Allergy TreatmentAllergens are virtually invisible to the human eye, but there are lots of them - and although the symptoms between people may be similar, the causes can be completely different!

Life Without Allergies

Sparta Allergy DiagnosisWith immunotherapy, we gradually teach your own body's immune system to 'learn' how to recognize and cope with those allergens that were keeping you from enjoying your 'perfect day'.

How will you choose to enjoy your tomorrow?!

Video: Learn why we get Allergies:

If you suffer from one or more of these symptoms: Sneezing, Runny Nose, Itchy Nose, Stuffy Nose, Scratchy Throat, Watery Eyes, Itchy Eyes, Red Eyes, Sinus-related issues (sinus pressure/pain, headaches, sinusitis), Recurring Seasonal or Chronic Colds, Restless Sleep, Challenges Sleeping through the night, Snoring, Feeling Fatigue, Irritability, Restless, Dry or Itchy Skin.

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